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Waneye Tedd

January 22nd, 2008

Waneye Tedd

Waneye Tedd is a one eyed ted, using his one eye to see the world around us, and focus on the details.

David, Waneye Tedd :

“The designs are responses to the world around us, sometimes on issues that effect great numbers, to enable people to ask themselves questions, to enhance their lives and make it better for others. Other designs are more focused in view, a small capture of life to bring around with you, to tempt you to see your life and surroundings in such detail as well.

Waneye Tedd

The t-shirts are organic and fair trade details of which can be found on my website. Being ethically minded, with the well being of the planet and all who live upon it at the forefront of his agenda.

Waneye Tedd

Born out of an opposition to the generic, non meaning designs found generally in the mass produced market. Such as non existent American University sports teams, even if they do exist why wear one if you have no connection to it? Trying to address this matter by not mass producing our designs and having spent time with the design concept to create an artwork, fashion with thought”.

Waneye Tedd

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