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Real Real Genuine Launches for AW07

January 22nd, 2008

By its very nature, fashion is based on innovation and different concepts. Taking what is considered “normal” and putting a specific spin or angle on it. Sometimes, these dalliances hit and sometimes, they miss but every once in a while, a design concept is born that simply has no option but to succeed.

Real Real Genuine is one of those concepts.

Real Real Genuine

The idea is to give emerging talent a shot at producing desirable product and have it seen alongside respected brands in apt venues. Each style is limited in edition and is only available to view when it is available to buy. Retail environment is key to the Real Real GenuineRRG soul and only in selected global retailers and it’s own web pages will the product grace.

This is not the usual industry “Limited Edition” hype this is Limited Edition as a top artist’s print or signed first edition. The pieces are styled to the utmost calibre and as such, are treated as a valuable statement.

Real Real Genuine

In the brands initial outing, there are collaborations from the likes of Alyasha Owerka Moore, Fiberops and uber NY label, Local Strangler. Unique denim from underground brand Blue Nail and a select cologne developed by Social Creatures.

Throughout the season, Real Real GenuineRRG will be feeding more quality product into the scene with design and quantity varying, integrity always key.

This product is not for your average fashion consumer but more a brand connoisseur and collector of all things fine.

Triumvir3 brand new Tees on Creme de la creme

January 17th, 2008

Hey kids,

we just received the braaaand new winter collection by Triumvir3.
It’s freaking dope !!

You gotta check it out on Creme de la creme, so you’ll look fresh to death !





Fresh ain’t it ?

Creme de la creme

Mark Ward Interview…

January 15th, 2008

Mark Ward has produced some amazing work for the likes of Stussy, Nike, Vapors Magazine, Sillything, Death, Carhartt, Gimme 5 etc.

Check out his interview over at BlackLodges.

SAAALES on Creme de la creme

January 14th, 2008

Hey hey kids..

The winter sales on Creme de la creme are still running and prices are getting lower and lower !!

post soldes

You’ll find dope streetwear and sneakers with cool as ice prices.
This is how to stay fresh to death without knocking out your credit card !!

Hurry up.. we won’t have enough for everybody !!

Tom of Creme de la creme


January 14th, 2008

Melbourne-based WOOSHKA has launched a website that allows the site community to take the reins of their very own t-shirt brand.


The website facilitates a never-ending competition whereby designs submitted by talented designers from around the globe are rated by the Wooshka community. If they cut the mustard, they’re selected as winners. Every fortnight two winners are announced with the winning designers pocketing a cool US$500 (AU$550)

Prior to going live, the website had already attracted design submissions from over 150 designers from Argentina to the USA to New Zealand to Isreal. In fact submissions from designers in over 30 countries were received just for the pre-launch competition.


The site launched with five shirts available in the online shop – the winning designs originated from New Zealand, Argentina, Australia and USA.

The team at wooshka not only allows visitors to the site to vote on which designs go to print (in exclusive runs of 500 units), but also participate in important company decisions that will guide the direction of the brand.

What’s more, the site users get paid every time they lend a hand!

Millionaire Misfit

January 14th, 2008

Millionaire Misfit is all about creating positive clothing for males and females.


Phill, Millionaire Misfit :

“We are a lifestyle brand helping and working with many people from the community as possible. We don’t see ourselves as being restricted to one genre or one trend - we see our brand as a collective of different lifestyles fused into one”.




January 14th, 2008

Feeldude is an Italian site created in 2007.


It is a community and T-Shirt store online. Members of Feeldude community submit t-Shirt designs online. Designs are then put to a public vote every week and winners are selected for printing on T-Shirt sold through online Feeldude store.

Creator of the winning designs receive a prize of 300 € (cash and store credit).


January 14th, 2008

Take a preview at their erotic, something else, beautiful spring 08 look book !


French Loser Sales !

January 11th, 2008

Howdy ? Ok, so we have the traditionnal French Sales going from Jan 09 to Feb 19 !

French Loser

They start with 20% to 30% off, on 7 out of  9 of their shirts ! Let’s keep connected for some more sales along the month, as well some surprises !

January Sale at FUSShop

January 9th, 2008

So we are 9 days into 2008 and we’ve decided it’s time for a bit of a Sale!! We have massive reductions on Carhartt, Addict, Wrongwroks, MHI, Obey and many more…..

Grab yourself a bargain while the Sale lasts, It could end at any time this month!! Even we don’t know yet!

With up to 20% off Wrongwroks Banksy T-shirt, 30% of Addict Method Hoods, and over 40% off MHI….

Get spending the Christmas money you got from Nanna!!!


January 8th, 2008

Karmaloop welcomes the brand Alphanumeric to their roster.


This brand is viewed as a staple in streetwear history, making its début in 1998. Alphanumeric was one of the first brands to integrate lifestyle with fashion. Re-launched in 2008, Alphanumeric is back a better than ever serving as a comprehensive youth lifestyle brand.


Check out on Karmaloop

Jeff Staple Interview

January 8th, 2008

Interview with Jeff Staple by Bobby Hundreds.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Jeff, he is a New York Based Designer, Consultant and more importantly the designer of the Pigeon Dunk!!

A lot can be learnt from this guy.

Have a Read

Stussy x Futura

January 8th, 2008

Futura never stops working!! This coming season Leonard McGurr has teamed up with Streetwear giants Stussy to produce a new co-branded collection of products including apparel and accessories.

Can’t wait for this to be launched. Keep an eye on selected Stussy Retailers over the coming weeks…

Nike TN1

January 8th, 2008

After almost 10 years of success, the Nike Tuned 1 is still a Foot Locker legend. With this exclusive new colour way the sneaker showcases its ability to evolve and innovate with a fresh new style.

Nike TN1

The TN1 exploded onto the scene in 1998, the first trainer to incorporate the revolutionary Tuned Air cushioning system, a technology created and owned by Foot Locker.

The secret to the Tuned Air sole,originally called “sky sole”, is the specially designed tuned hemisphere: two balls strategically positioned facing opposite directions to ensure fine-tuned resistance, cushioning, stability and support. The TN1 is the ultimate mix of the latest in sneaker innovation and city life design inspiration – it represents the street.

Nike TN1

TN1 is the ultimate sneaker of the street, to celebrate the new TN1 hitting Foot Locker on the 10th December we are asking people to submit a video about their street or city, whether its a park, community centre or shopping center. We want to know where you go and what you get up to and how you feel about your local community. All videos submitted to the website: representthestreet will be displayed for all Tuned fans to rate.

Nike TN1

The winner will be given £5,000 to benefit their own neighbourhood plus 3 limited edition Foot Locker Tuned sneakers. As a 2nd prize 10 lucky people will win a pair of exclusive limited edition TN1s given away straight from the production line. The winners will be chosen by a jury from the most voted for videos.

Check out representthestreet and upload a 5 min video about your street or city or neighbourhood today. You could be in with a chance to win £5,000 to invest back into your local community. Get representing now!

Nike TN1

This launch puts Foot Locker once again at the forefront of sneaker originality, bringing sneaker aficionados the latest and greatest from the biggest names in the industry. With more exclusives than ever before, sneaker lovers can always get their hands on the latest in street style at Foot Locker across the country.

For more information, please visit footlocker.

White t-shirt SALE! 19 Euro.

January 8th, 2008

After moving the office AMP Street is starting the new year with a fresh white t-shirt sale.

This is a taste of what you can find!





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