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02 June 2010, writed by Sturban

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Lift One Finger


Many years ago, Sturban Clothing did a t-shirt design based on the ancient Chinese symbol for “revolt and nationalism”. It was basically a clenched hand with the index finger outstretched, symbolising that great change could be brought about if everybody lifted just one finger. Remember - the Christmas 09 music charts number one was Rage Against the Machine. Why? Because a bunch of people got together and revolted against the fact that we were being fed what we should choose. Each person raised one finger to bring about change and show that they would not be told what would be number one. That bunch of people were all just normal people, like you and I, and we can make a big difference if we all unite and do one small thing.

So what are we revolting against? Everything! For me it started with parents, then authority, then it got personal and was the media playing the same music and telling me what I should listen to. Newspapers portraying stereotypes and expecting us to believe that masses of the population acted like, believed or bought this; and so should we.

These guys advertise that you're ugly, smelly and fat, but tell you that you can have all the money and women you want just by buying their spray (with a money back guarantee, of course). Corporate organisation think they can use their economies of scale to go into Third World countries and exploit resources and people, and why not? It’s always happened. Just look at the history of the East India Tea Company or Tate and Lyle.

Beating the system, it became apparent that you can just drop out, but you never really can, so the only way to beat the system was to be part of it and play it’s game. Refusing to believe, making up your own mind, being true to yourself and being an individual were what was important to me while not buying big brands, and I’m not bandwagon jumping some Fair Trade fad, it goes deeper.

All of this passes over to Sturban Clothing, and whilst many may look and see a clothes shop, just take a closer look. Why don’t we stock certain big selling brands? Why do we choose small independents? Why don’t we bandwagon jump on music scenes and artists? Why are we supporting the core, small underground labels, events and people? And think what all these people, brands and labels have in common – ATTITUDE. Does your multinational, corporate, suit-driven company really have that, or do they just follow the bottom line?

So, let’s all lift one finger for the ATTITUDE and support the individual that offers you choice and truth and is more concerned with how and why, rather than how much and how soon.

Lifting that one finger is easy, all it requires is you, your attitude and your support in telling everybody you know in anyway you can and for them to do the same. So post on Facebook, write a forum post about our site, a brand we host - even a design! Write on our forum about an event you are putting on or going/been to get support for that event; build the scene. Tweet, comment on our blog or others (pls mention Sturban Clothing). Message your Facebook groups, add our url to your signature file on forums and email, hey you can even earn cash doing this with our affiliate program...

Every little thing you do can inspire others, and very soon the world will know we’re ready for change, pls contribute, pass on and take part

Original Post: Lift One Finger.

Writed by: Gaël - [That's the Way] - IloveyourTshirt x Gazmasta