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26 April 2015, writed by Yar

category: tshirt

MORF - 1 shirt - an entire collection

MORF – 1 shirt, up to 24 different looks

Tamara Salem, an independent fashion designer has launched her fashion-invention on Kickstarter – MORF.

MORF is a shirt that magically allows you to transform your look in up to 24 different ways. It may be a little hard to believe, but every top that sweet Alexa is wearing in this photo is actually the same one shirt:

With MORF you can actually walk your dog in the morning, attend class, go to work (or a job interview), have coffee with your mom and go on a special date - wearing the same shirt... For the price of a single shirt - you get an entire collection. Not to mention it is a packing & traveling miracle.

MORF is made of high quality, light-weight fabrics, and the best thing – it is simple. MORF has no velcro, no buttons, no zippers, no strips, no complicated ties and no instructions manual none whatsoever… Morfing is as simple as changing your tee: There is no wrong way to wear MORF – anything goes! It all depends on your mood, taste and creativity.

MORF isn’t just a shirt. It’s a concept. An attitude. Inviting you to be unexpected and ever-changing. Playful yet practical, effortless but stylish.

Now - mid campaign (Kickstarter) - Tamara presents to you the male version - MORF MEN:

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