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10 February 2011, writed by David

category: contest

Prawspektiv: a new super tshirt competition

Prawspektiv is an online t-shirt design contest and community for people to participate, discover & buy super t-shirts designs specially created by artists all around the world.

PRAW is an inevitable reference for everyone who is interested in design and would like to keep in touch with the design community using the blog and the forum.

On the website, people are invited to vote for their favorite design and it is the online community who decides the winners. Every week, PRAW will give a 500$ prize to the winning designer as well as a 1$ royalty per t-shirt sold.

Create, comment, vote, get involved. Create the most original design, become the first ever printed designer and win the $5,000! Enough said? The ongoing t-shirt competition starts on February 11th, 2011.

You can follow Prawspektiv with their facebook, twitter and flickr.

Writed by: David, See Ya! - iloveyourtshirt x Play-Doh.