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03 September 2009, writed by David

category: tshirt

Monsieur Eurêka


Monsieur Eurêka is the wacky person in all of us.  It's a strange inventor who wants to bring unthinkable ideas to life.

He put his experiments on tshirts so you can spread the madness all around the world! Let us open your head and fill it with the wacky essence of Monsieur Eurêka. Let your brain melt to give place for the madness!

The Weirdo!'s him? No! Don't be foolish! Monsieur Eurêka let you imagine what he could look like! But..that's a well done portrait!

Don't be hypnotized by his eyes! You could be the object of another experiment!

The microrium!

A natural way to grill your fishes? Oh no! With Monsieur Eurêka you never dive into normal things...

All this, baked without breadcrumbs!

The lavosaure!

Auto-wash tshirt? That's a beautiful idea! But, Monsieur Eurêka kind of half succeeded..

Watch out! It can wash you dangerously! Be aware of the bubbles!

The grille-mains!

First failed experiment... Monsieur Eurêka was working on a toaster this time..To accomplish an invention that would dominate the world of toasters? Sure thing, his toaster become a toast'hands!

You can follow Monsieur Eurêka with his twitter, blog and facebook.

Writed by: David, See Ya! - iloveyourtshirt x Play-Doh.