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27 September 2011, writed by Julia

category: tshirt

Remuse Collective : Fall 2011

Remuse is an artist collective brand from the outskirts of Philadelphia.

Initially created in 2009 with some minimalistic designs without a common thread, Remuse is now launching a collection of 6 t-shirts with a more cohesive branding and a true representation of its vision.

Remuse inspires the pondering of every day life both subliminally and direct. They represent a lifestyle, challenging daily beliefs. They promote and encourage the awareness of our quickly declining society through our thought-provoking art work.

" Explore the unknown, expose the truth "

"Daggers" : Cease all issues life throws your way with Daggers.

"Fallen From Grace" : we have all fallen from grace at some point in life. Whether it be for peer pressure, loss of faith, or personal gain. The true test is restoring that grace.

"Architecture & Wind" : the unknown is a humbling idea to ponder.There is a certain beauty and curiosity thst lies within uncharted territory. Discover what's out there.

"Logo Explosion" : represent Remuse and pondering of the unkown with this logo-based tee

Have a look at Remuse Collective now on Facebook - Twitter - Website !

Writed by: Julia, with Love !